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As a Senior (SCCM) workspace engineer you are responsible in making sure all of your Coolblue colleagues have a reliable and fast digital workspace.
What you tell your friends you do
“I help design and develop the future on how my colleagues work at Coolblue”

What you will really be doing
  • Develop a long term vision for our digital workspace environment in collaboration with the Product Owner.
  • Design and develop the digital workspace from a technical perspective - so all of your colleagues can do their jobs with a smile.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of integrations between our systems and third party applications together with Technical Pathfinders.
  • By actively coaching and continuously providing feedback to team members.
How will you be doing this?
  • Getting hands-on, working with your team to design, implement and deliver the digital workspace used by all Coolblueians.
  • Initiating proof of concepts to test out new technologies or methodologies.
  • By presenting your ideas simple, explainable and understood by all – technical and non-technical alike.
  • You think big and build small. In the end it's about getting things done.
What a day in the office might look like

You start the day by finalizing the design of the new email platform you have created with your team. A new setup was requested by the manager Platform so we can maintain our service levels while onboarding more than 100 new colleagues each month.

In order to have a sustainable solution you and the team created a design which consists out of the shelf components which has been proven to scale easily. You not only helped to create the design of the new architecture, but also identified the work that has to be done by other teams - so it integrates correctly with other systems in our ecosystems. Before starting on the next item of the day you check if your Product Owner has communicated with other Product Owners on the work they have to do to make a success of the new email platform.

Next you'll speak with Anthonie, our security officer, he would like to change the structure of the group policies in such a way that new 3rd party applications have a smooth identity access management.

After lunch you join a sprint planning session to determine the work for the next sprint together with the team. The stories on the e-mail platform are clear and well defined so they are ready to be picked up in the next sprint. Frieda, the product owner, is very happy that we are starting working on this epic.

The remaining hours of the day you'll be working on MDM tooling for the mobility pilot project that will run in the next sprint.

You'll work in a multidisciplinary family of engineers with various areas of expertise. Yes, this means some of your family members work the Linux stack. Passionately. And they will talk about it. A lot. Even to you. And they expect nothing but love in return.
Working in an Agile engineering team at Coolblue also means having big ideas, but being able to chop ‘em up in small deliverables. To help you with this, your team has a Scrum Master and a Product Owner.

Required experience & skills
  • You have several years of experience in building and designing a digital workspace environment.
  • You are a Windows Ninja - the Windows stack has no secrets for you. You know an alternative product for each one of them and are not afraid to use it. This could mean other technology stacks and speaking to the specialists about them within Coolblue as well.
  • You are familiar with some typical systems like:
    • Design and automate workspace deployments with SCCM.
    • Active Directory, Domain Controllers, GPO’s, DFS, DNS, DHCP, Radius, MDT, WDS.
    • Wide range of Windows server applications used by our Customer Service, Finance, HR departments using SQL Server databases.
    • Access Control (AD, LDAP, IPA, ADFS, IAM tooling).
    • Networking (Protocols like  NSRP, MPLS, WiFi, routing, SSL and IPSec VPN).
    • Domain Name Services: bind, Microsoft DNS, dnsmasq, unbound.
  • You have experience building highly available systems including using SQL Clustering, Load Balancing
  • You have knowledge on (wireless) networking
  • You have experience automating Windows systems using scripting tools like Python or PowerShell, including working with 3rd party APIs.
  • You have experience with authentication protocols as oAuth and identity access management tooling.
  • You have experience in defining, documenting and automating processes.
  • Your opinions are strong, but weakly held. You're always open to feedback.
  • You feel comfortable presenting your ideas to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • You're willing to relocate to Rotterdam or somewhere nearby.
  • You lead from the front. You guide by example, not just by words.
  • You like to coach people and help them grow in their skills.
  • Knowledge of mobile devices in a digital workspace environment is a plus.
We offer
  • Money.
  • To help you keep your money, we also chip in on your pension, pay for your travels and offer a discount on all the stuff we sell.
  • Room for you to do things your way.
  • Heartwarming help with the international relocation process from start to finish..
  • Lots of things you can learn through our Coolcademy & skilled sparring partners.
  • 25 days of paid leave, so long as you promise to come back!
  • We like to inspire your passion giving you the opportunity to visit events.
  • An office in the heart of Rotterdam so there's plenty to do when you're not at work.
  • And yes, we also have the industry standard perks such as free beer, ping pong tables, great lunch, team activities and awesome parties.

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